Heather Miller is a writer of old-fashioned horror. She dreams of long candlelit passages and things that go bump in the night. Her writing is influenced by the old Gothic masters that she grew up reading. Heather reads and writes from a century-old house (certainly haunted) in a small town in Oklahoma.

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“On a dark night, in an old house, at the top of a tall hill, Millie Carver woke with a start. She didn’t sleep much these days, but she didn’t seem to be much awake, either. For her, the days and nights passed in one long unending solitude, light and dark merging together till her entire world took on a sort of twilit glow, till time itself seemed to slow and stretch and her mind wandered.”

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Read Heather’s magical and emotional story “Baba Yaga in Repose” in the upcoming anthology Into the Forest from Black Spot Books.

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